Reconstruction Women’s Fund within its program of Feminist Philanthropy starts the Educative campaign HOW SISTERS COULD DO IT BEST.

Aim of the campaign is to problematize the issue of public money and where it is spent, to ask ourselves also where we individually could allocate money.

That is the reason for starting the educative campaign HOW SISTERS COULD DO IT BEST?, for better understanding of our responsibility towards money.

Within the seminar and workshops you will have opportunity for more knowledge about public money, money from our taxes. Opportunity for learning how to plan a philanthropy campaign, how to empower your body and voice.

During practical actions two groups of 15 participants will be formed, with a task to organize two campaigns with slogans HOW SISTERS COULD DO IT BEST!

In November Reconstruction Women’s Fund plan media conference to inform you about observations, results!

RWFUND invites you to distribute this call and application form to persons who could be interested to be part of educative campaign HOW SISTERS TO DO IT BEST?