They continue with their humanitarian work, and we continue to follow them and congratulate for the philanthropy they implement in their daily practices. Again, we are talking about them because they have set an example in the society for other restaurants and businesses.

This previous month, Rock Kafana Rustikana again was raising money through increased prices of their menu for 2 MKD, where 1 MKD is donated by them and the other 1 MKD is donated by visitors with each purchase of a drink or meal.

Together with visitors, Rock Kafana Rustikana managed to collect 26,322 MKD (approx. 428 EUR) which were donated for the seven-member family Shaqiri from Shtip, whose house was recently burned in fire. Besides the house, the whole household equipment was destroyed, so this donation is more than welcomed.

Rock Kafana Rustiкana has donated 6,000 MKD (approx. 97 EUR) for Animal's Voice - Macedonia from Veles, a civic association that cares for the stray animals, but also raises awareness among citizens so the rate of any neglect or violence against animals is reduced.

Finally one big BRAVO to everyone involved in this philanthropic initiative!