Miss Croatia Launched a Crowdfunding Campaign to Support Butterfly Children

Tea Mlinarić has launched a campaign called Let's care about life to raise funds for DEBRA, 24/7 support service for "Butterfly Children" - children with Epidermolysis Bullosa (inhered connective tissue disease manifested by excessive skin sensitivity) and their families.

Source: https://cinipravustvar.hr/


  • Croatia

Feed 1000 Campaign Provides 16,000 Meals for People in Need

“Feed 1000” campaign marked The World Poverty Day, October 17, by collecting 5t of food for people in need in 5 different locations in Skopje.



  • Montenegro

SGB Buys a New Device for the Gym for the People with Disabilities

This summer, Montenegro got its first gym for the people with disabilities thanks to the Association for Support of People with Disabilities and their campaign "Live healthy, walk straight" (Živi zdravo, koračaj uspravno). Now, Societe Generale Bank joined their cause and bought a new device for the gym.

Source: http://www.societegenerale.me/


  • Montenegro

One Day Left to Help Two Artists Crowdfund for their Art Studio and Workshop Space

Two talented siblings, Farije and Bajram Mehmeti, live in a village called Lepina, located out of Priština. The village has bad infrastructure, no transportation, and virtually no contact with the arts. Regardless of that, the two of them have been painting for years now, and wish to continue their artistic education and provide the same opportunity to kids and young people from their village. With the help of friends, they have set up a crowdfunding campaign on the KosovaIdeas platform, and now need a bit of help to finish what they started.

Source: https://kosovaideas.com/


  • Kosovo

ALBANIA Just One More Day for Nominations for Albanian Philanthropy Awards 2017

November is the month when our friends throughout the region reflect on this year’s highlights of philanthropy and award individuals, organizations and companies for their kindness. Partners Albania is looking for nominees for their 2017 Philanthropy Awards, and deadline for nominations ends tomorrow (November 2).

Source: http://partnersalbania.org/


  • Albania

Two Amazing People Are Walking from Belgrade to Niš to Help a Children’s Oncology Department

Tamara Klarić and Bogdan Stevanović are two best friends who set out from Belgrade on October 30th, to Niš, the city which will get a hemato-oncology department in a children’s hospital, thanks to the good-willed people and campaigns such as this. The walk, and its title “Produži korak” (Extend your step) is a symbolic invitation for everyone to join NURDOR’s great cause and take a small step that will go a long way for children living with cancer.

Source: http://blogdan.rs/


  • Serbia

Doing Double Good - Trebjesa Is Producing a Great Beer and Donating to Charity

Brewery Trebjesa marked its 121st anniversary on October 21. That's a pretty amazing history and they have even greater practice how they celebrate their Company Day. They donated EUR 5,000 to Red Cross Nikšić, which will be distributed as a shopping vouchers to 100 families in need.

Source: https://media.klipingmap.com/


  • Montenegro

Sberbank Presents a Savings Model Which Helps a Charity Campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The bank has designed a savings model which will last for two months and will provide clients with an opportunity to participate in the humanitarian campaign called “I am saving for life” to help the OTVORENA MREŽA (Open network) organization.

Source: https://www.sberbank.ba/


  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

Vojvođanska Bank Donates 190 Computers to the Gerontology Centers

Did you know that October is the month of solidarity with the elderly? Vojvođanska Bank launched a socially responsible campaign in which, by the end of the year, will be donated 190 computers to the gerontology centers in 12 cities in Serbia.

Source: https://www.voban.co.rs/


  • Serbia

Western Balkans Evaluation Network Organises 2nd Regional Conference in Zagreb

Members of the evaluator communities, organizations and interested individuals gathered at the two-day event in Croatia which was hosted by the Croatian Evaluation Network, Economy institute in Zagreb and the Croatian section of the European Regional Science Association.

Source: http://aa.com.tr/


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