In 2016, Hastor Foundation is celebrating its 10th anniversary. During these ten years, the Foundation supported education of more than 2,000 young people, cooperated with more than 150 elementary and high schools and reached a number of almost 1,400 scholars who have distinguished themselves in the fields of mathematics, literature, art, music, etc.

Earlier, in May 2015, Hastor Foundation in cooperation with ASA Prevent Group founded Srcem za BiH (With Heart for Bosnia and Herzegovina) Fund in order to help flooded areas in Bosnia and to mitigate the consequences of floods.

Since 2006, Hastor Foundation successfully implemented many projects, such as Takt akademija, Ljetni raspust u Holandiji (Summer Vacation in Netherlands), Srcem za BiH, Prilika Plus, Brave Kids and others.

In the future, Hastor Foundation will seek to develop entrepreneurial spirit in young people with aim of activating their creative potential and financial help, and motivate them to implement ideas and set goals, all in order to contribute to positive changes in society in Bosnia and Herzegovina.