The PAKOMAK Company from Skopje, which deals with recycling of packaging waste, and Kumanovo Municipality, signed a four-year collaboration agreement, aiming to improve the environment in Kumanovo. As a part of the joint activities, PAKOMAK donated 40 plastic containers for recyclable waste to the Municipality. The Kumanovo Municipality and PAKOMAK will also join their efforts to increase the percentage of the recycled waste by educating the citizens of Kumanovo on the benefits from waste selection and the possibilities for its processing. The collaborative efforts of PAKOMAK and the local self-government will for sure result in positive effect for the environment as Kumanovo produces around 50.000 metric tons of communal waste of which around 7.000 tons are recyclable.

PAKOMAK is a member of the international network for the management of packaging waste ProEurope and has obtained the license to use the RedDot Symbol.