The Zagreb Rotary Club Kaptol has been conducting since 2008 a campaign called Korak u život, which provides scholarships for children without parental care. During the last eight years, almost 4,000,000 EUR worth of scholarships were granted to 220 children without parental care, who finished high school and had to leave social institutions. This year’s campaign was started in February by an unplugged concert of the famous Croatian Rock Band Parni Valjak at the Zagreb Lisinski Music Hall. The campaign continued with concert of Petrit Ҫeku, Miss Universe Croatia Cocktail Party, and a fashion show of the designer Aleksandra Dojčinović at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The last big fundraiser of this year’s campaign will be held on Friday, November 4th at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, with a concert of Rock Band Prljavo kazalište. Popular band will have large support of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra and Ivan-Goran Kovačić Academic Choir.