Shaving and trimming mustache in caffe Pause on 1 November made official the start of Movember in Banjaluka. Every member of the movement is obliged to be clean-shaven and in the next 30 days to grow mustache. There should be no hairs on cheeks or chin.

The fourth Movember has goal to raise awareness about prostate and testicular cancer and to make humanitarian action and raise money to support persons who suffer from this type of cancer.

Superbrke (Supermoustache), informal association will rise money in Brkin fond during November with goal to support Vjekoslav Cerović from Doboj and Miroslav Todorović from Banjaluka who suffer from this type of cancer and are in economic need.

Budimo ljudi (Be human) association supported this action by donating 500 BAM and providing logistics by providing bank account for donations.

People that want support this action can also buy a T-shirt with logo of Movember at price of 20 BAM and the income will go to in Brkin fond. T-shirts are available at  caffe Pause in Banjaluka or ordered through Instagram profile "mojamaja".