Mountain hike to the Visočica Mountain with goal to raise money for the Šišić family from Željezno Polje was organized on Saturday, November 19.

“Once a year we organize a humanitarian tour. This is the third in a row. In the past two years we donated funds for medical treatments and this time we will donate to the Šišić family”, said mountain guide Hasna Smječanin for Fena. She had invited hikers and nature lovers to participate in Saturday's march and contribute to the humanitarian campaign.

The Šišićs survived a family tragedy when their oldest son, a ninth-grader recently committed suicide. Family with five children is living in poverty and the father is disabled due to spinal problems. Price of the trip for participants who wanted to travel from Sarajevo to Sinanovići by bus was 20 BAM (app. 10 EUR), and for those who arranged their own transportation was 10 BAM (app. 5 EUR).