The campaign called Krov za Dječiji dom (#barnhemmetstak) was launched in Sweden on November 5, 2016, when the Våra Barn (Our children) humanitarian organization learned that the roof of the playroom in the Mostar Children's Home has been leaking for a long time.

Bosnians living all over Scandinavia responded massively to this call. Supporters of the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina donated a jersey of the goalkeeper, Asmir Begović, to be used for auctioning. Human rights activist and stand up comedian Zinat Pirzadeh and Edin Džemat, who was recently crowned the best chef of Sweden, also participate in the campaign.

Humane people from Bosnia and Herzegovina also participate in this campaign and among them are Dalal Midhat, a pop singer and Arnej Mislirlić, a photographer.