Following the publication of the story about the modest family of three, the Trajkovski family from the Petrovec village near Skopje, numerous citizens have shown their humanity by donating money, food, hygiene products, wood for heating, washing machine, etc.

The Trajkovski family has been living without electricity for more than a year and seven months. EVN Macedonia has cut their supply due to the unpaid bills in the total amount of 360,000 MKD (approx. 7,000 EUR), as they are unable to cover the debt. The father, Jovica was a professional solider who lost his hearing during the military operations in 2001 and was denied a disability-based retirement. Yet, immediatelly after the publication of the story, Jovica got employed at AD Butel Skopje.

But the poverty of the Trajkovski family has so far remained invisible for the institutions. The social services determined that as the family owns some land (though inaccessible and non-arable), they don’t qualify for social welfare. Also, EVN Macedonia refused to cancel the debt and instead allowed the Trajkovski family to pay the unpaid bills in monthly installments.

Any help for this family is more than welcomed - citizens of good will can donate funds to the following bank account:

Simona Trajkovska
Acc Number: 210501662430184
Bank: Tutunska banka ad Skopje