On the occasion of the International Women's Day, companies Bingo and Omega awarded two donations with the total value of 11,000 BAM (approx. 5,624 EUR).

The first donation of 10,000 BAM (approx. 5,113 EUR) was awarded to Safe Houses in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The funds were collected trough campaign called Let's Show That We Care (Pokažimo da nam je stalo). All citizens could participate by buying specially labeled products of Dove, Afrodita, Milka, Violeta, Alma Ras and Kraš in Bingo stores from 2 to 8 March.

The second donation of 1,000 BAM (approx. 511 EUR) was awarded to the Snaga žene (Power of a Woman) Association that funded the social cooperative called Zelena mreža (Green Network) based on social entrepreneurship and fair trade. Citizens could donate by buying the products of female members of the cooperative in three Bingo Centers from 4 to 8 March.