The second regional conference Making It Work: Philanthropy in the Western Balkans and Turkey will gather a large number of associations of citizens, individuals and companies interested in long term investment in the community.

Participants of the conference will try to answer the questions are we and how much we are willing to contribute to the common good as a society, how much is actually given in the countries of the region, what is supported, who are the most common donors and who are beneficiaries, how to reach strategic partnership and how new technologies can help increase the benefits.

The speakers of the conference will be Robert Čoban, the president of Color Press Group and Veran Matić, president of B92 Foundation and president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Corporate Social Responsibility Council. Speakers from Montenegro will be representatives of the Crnogorski Telekom, from Bosnia and Herzegovina Telemach company, Sabanci Foundation from Turkey, Alpha Bank from Albania, initiative Retvitni obrok from Macedonia, Kosovo Down Syndrome organizations from Kosovo and many other organizations dealing with this issue.