Pana is a social enterprise which pitched a couple of weeks ago at the show called Do You Have an Idea. The whole country saw them and their product - beautifully designed furniture and lighting made of recycled wooden pallets and reused glass objects. But that wasn’t enough for the show and they didn’t win. With disrupted plans, they had to go back home.

Luckily, people from the Balfin Group, the biggest investment group in Albania, watched that show and they were amazed. In fact, they were so impressed that they offered them a location to exhibit and sell their products - for free next 6 months.

The new Pana shop will soon be situated in the Tirana East Gate, the biggest shopping center in Tirana, which belongs to the Balfin Group. They will now have a great shop window and an opportunity to reach more customers and do more good for their employees from marginalized groups.