Two weeks ago an awful fire caught the whole region - parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro were in flames. Thanks to the firefighters, there were no human loses. But, this crisis has shown us that we need to take a better care of the people who protect us - our brave firemen.

A Volunteer Fire Department from Bol if trying to raise 1.5 million EUR to build a new firehouse and buy a new fire truck. First to help them achieve that goal is the Croatian WTA (Women's Tennis Association) with a EUR2,000 donation.

Fire Departments from Gata, Podstrana, Solin, Zadvarje and Žrnovnica received a donation of EUR13,500 from INA (oil company). Another EUR13,500 was donated by to Fire Department in Vranjic.

From large companies to individuals, everybody is trying to support firefighters, and there are still opportunities to give and help your local Fire Department.