20 years ago, Lumbardhi was a heart of Prizren’s cultural life. It’s time to restore its old glory.

Lumbardhi was built after WWII and generations of citizens of Prizren went there to see a movie or to listen to their favorite band. After 50 years, in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, it was left to fall into decay.

Now people gathered in the Lumbardhi Foundation are reviving it as a community-based independent cultural space. They are doing it since May 2015, but now they want to expand its outreach by creating a small library, a coworking space, and a workshop area. Together with the indoor and outdoor cinema, the conference room and the exhibition area in the main hall, this will make Lumbardhi a focal point of Prizren’s new cultural life and a place for all youth activists, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and other community groups.

Wanna join Lumbardhi Public Again campaign? Check their page at the Kosovo Ideas website and find their detailed list of expenses. Their goal is to raise EUR25,000.