Hiljana Biba is a very talented 17 years old girl who has just finished 2nd year at the Petro Nini Luarasi Gymnasium. Although very young, she is one of the most inspiring philanthropists in Albania.

She had art exhibitions and her short movies What Made Me and Target were shown in cinemas. The whole revenue from ticket sales was donated for people in need. And this is not where her charitable efforts stop.

Hiljana, together with her friends, has launched an online charity called Smiles Hope, to help homeless people and people in need. “Today, people don’t have time for many important things, but in the internet era, you have the opportunity to do so many things online - you can do good online too”, said Hiljana and invited everyone to join her initiative.

At Smiles Hope you can not donate money, only goods: clothes, shoes, water and food, and you have the opportunity to directly participate in their activities. Smiles Hope currently has 70 members, ages 13 to 26.