In less than a month kind people from the whole region have founded several Facebook groups to connect with those in need. Two of those groups – Good-Hearted Drivers and Renters With a Heart gathered pretty large community.

They have helped 5yo Filip Koska and his single father to go on a vacation. They’ve arranged a transport and accommodation for them at the Montenegrin seashore. They’ve also helped Andrea Mudrić, who is a person with disability, and drove her from Subotica to Dubrovnik for her medical treatment. And a couple from Niš who had to stay in Belgrade for a month for their child’s therapy, found an accommodation for free in one of those groups.

These groups now cover the whole region – from Slovenia to Macedonia and their community is 16,000 strong. Professional drivers and people of good will offer their services to the families in need, or families with children with health problems or disabilities, who can’t travel by bus, or a train. And more than 650 renters now offer their accommodation to families with children with disabilities.

Wanna join these communities or reach out to them? Find them on Facebook:

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