In the last couple of days, we wrote about how people in Serbia, Montenegro and Croatia are using Facebook for charity work. Mothers from Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) have their own Facebook group called Humanitarian Auctions Mostar, and they’ve helped over 60 families in the previous 3 years.

The group now has more than 6,500 members from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. Usually, someone suggests a cause or a person in need, and if others agree, they organize a 5 day auction.

All sorts of things can be offered at these auctions – clothes, footwear, home appliances, beauty treatments, etc, and the amounts raised here are respectable. For example, at 2 auctions, the highest bid was more than EUR2,500.

The most of the raised funds is for medical treatments for children, but the group will help anyone in need. You can join them and participate in new biddings.