A group of young people from Bajina Bašta, not older than 15, raised more than EUR1,000 and helped 6 families.

Quietly and anonimously, they started raising funds with their friends from Bajina Bašta and Belgrade, to help their neighbors in need. Each of them gave approximately EUR2,5 and when they’ve raised enough money, they bought a fridge for the first family. Soon after that, they bought another fridge for the second family, and provided one-time financial aid for the third family.

After these 3 successful acts, they decided to go public, so they could inspire more people, young and old, to join and help. And they did – they donated money, helped with transportation and company Dora Sistem sold them all devices for wholesale prices. Thanks to these acts of kindness, kids helped another 3 families and bought them another fridge, iron, cooker, and a washing machine.