Toni and Tanja Momirovski, a Macedonian couple residing in Melbourne, Australia, have organized a fundraising event to help the Pediatric Clinic in Macedonia as a sign of gratefulness for the doctors who diagnosed their daughter with liver disease.

The family brought their daughter to the hospital when she was two months old, where she was diagnosed, after which she successfully received a transplant abroad. After seeing that the hospital lacked in equipment, they decided to help out, and organize the event in their community. The Macedonian diaspora in Melbourne responded to the call and attended the event, raising EUR24,000 (AUD36,600) for the needs of the Pediatric Clinic in Skopje. With the raised funds, diagnostic equipment was donated to the Institute for Gastroenterohepatology in Pediatric Clinic Skopje.

Toni and Tanja have been awarded with a recognition for their humanitarian support of the Clinic, from the Director of the Pediatric Clinic in Skopje – Katerina Stavrikj, who thanked the couple and added that the new equipment will improve the diagnostic process and treatment of patients at the Clinic.