Mitrovica has been divided for too long. Youth shouldn’t even know for these kinds of boundaries. They all deserve to live free and make friends free.

Cultural Artistic Association AD LIBITUM believes that the solution could be gathering youth from all divided communities into one place – at a summer camp near the city. The camp will be organized from September 8 to 10, with 50 young participants, including Albanians, Serbs, Turkish, and RAE community (Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian).

What can bridge Ibar and connect all of them? The answer is simple: music, dance, painting, sports. These activities, coached and facilitated by great professionals and artists, can bridge all differences, create new friendships, spark exchange of ideas, improve tolerance and make people closer.

If you share these ideas as well, and you believe that Mitrovica’s youth, North and South, deserves better, head over to and support the project.