Two years ago, 15-year-old Nenad Krzhev from Gevgelija expressed his desire to donate his long hair that will be made into a wig for children who are on chemotherapy. Because of his efforts, today many Macedonians are joining the cause thanks to a collaboration of a local NGO with a Dutch organization called Stichting Haarwensen.

Encouraged by Nenad’s desire and enthusiasm, the Association ZEDM Slozuvalka, which helped Nenad in his endeavour, tried to reach out to several domestic CSOs to continue the campaign, but soon realized that there was no such initiative in the country. That prompted them to start a collaboration with the Dutch organization Stichting Haarwensen where they have sent the first braid from Macedonia. This initiative has raised a great interest in Macedonia resulting in more than 40 donations of hair braids, which the association publishes and promotes on their Facebook page.

„We are very glad that there are good and generous people in our country who are interested in hair donations, in order a wig to be made, a smile to be brought on a child’s face“ – ZEDM Slozuvalka stated. She adds that it is never too late to be humane, whether by donating hair or participating in a humanitarian action.