With a new school year just underway, many families in Montenegro are having trouble buying expensive textbooks and school supplies. Association Parents and Podgorica Education Union held two campaigns to address the issue.

During August, both of these organizations invited people to take part in their campaigns and donate used textbooks, so that children in need can have quality education. Delta City Shopping Center in Podgorica supported the cause not only by providing them with space for the collecting booths, but also by donating school supplies for the children from rural areas.

Podgorica Education Union is showing a good example with their campaign and has stated that their campaign had 2 goals. One was to help parents and save them some money, and the other is even more important – they want to promote the spirit of solidarity, altruism and goodwill amongst all students.

Association Parents has been organizing this campaign for the last 6 years under the slogan „Let’s share, because together we can do more“. In this year’s action they collected school supplies for 260 kids from 200 families in Montenegro. They are helping single parent families and families in need.