Paint the home with a smile (Osmijehom oboji dom) is a great campaign initiated in 2015. by two companies: Montenegrin Boje i lakovi Kameleon and Maxima from Lučani, Serbia who produce and sell paint and construction materials. The campaign was focused on helping single mothers but has now expanded to helping all people in difficult financial situations who need their homes refurbished. The companies take up 10 project each year, and have so far made the living conditions of 25 families better.

The campaign has most recently helped Branka Rakočević, living alone, in extreme poverty, with cancer and disabilities. The local Food bank (Banka hrane) has been a vital partner in the project by helping the most vulnerable get help through the campaign: aware of Branka’s situation, they reached out to the companies and asked them to help her. Another notable case is that of a famous local poet, Slobodan Bećo Došljak, living and working in difficult conditions, whose home they adapted and improved this year.

This is a good example of a socially responsible company who uses their knowledge and resources in helping people in need, and the project is getting a lot of recognition in the region. They are inviting people to get involved, or suggest members of society that need their help. They are promoting the project on social media, and even have a youtube channel documenting the work that they do.