This project enables the education of 300 girls and 300 young people on the topic of violence against girls and young women through educational workshops and forum theaters in 6 schools in 3 cities in Serbia. They are hoping to get a permanent spot on the platform and continue their work on the issue which is pressing the country, with violence against women still widespread: every other woman or girl in Serbia has experienced some form of it. 

Center for girls (Centar za devojke) is an organization from Niš, Serbia, whose mission is empowerment of girls and young women through education, activism, and creativity. They were founded in 1998 on the initiative of two volunteers of SOS Helpline for Women and Children Victims of Violence. They have organized numerous projects, including an SOS helpline, meeting rooms, workshops, lectures, psychological assistance, feminist-activist theater, and festivals. Three main preoccupations are the prevention of violence against girls, prevention of human/girl trafficking and women's health. Support their cause here: