Radijan Đukić, the boy’s father, was a client of Addiko bank in Banjaluka, and the family had managed to pay all of their monthly payment installments, but struggled with finances since he is unable to work due to his health condition; his wife, too, couldn’t work because she has to take care of her ill husband and son. The family also has a 10-year-old daughter, who tries to help her parents as much as possible. After an article about the family made news, Addiko bank decided to step in and in a gesture of compassion, relieve at least a part of their client’s burden: their wrote off the family’s remaining debt, which amounted to around EUR42,000 (BAM82,500).

“Having in mind the difficult situation of the Đukić family, we decided to help and write off their debt completely. We wanted to make the treatment of their child at least a bit easier. Although we usually work on collective socially responsible projects, by helping institutions and organizations, this time we decided to make an exception, considering the particular circumstances that Radijan Đukić, our client, found himself in” - was stated by Marko Ivanković, the CEO of Addiko Bank from Banjaluka.

The family expressed their gratitude for this noble gesture, and added that it will make their lives significantly easier, considering the high costs of the treatments they have to get, but more importantly, it made them realize they have friends and that there are charitable people around them in these difficult moments.