The joint action took place in the courtyard of Vlado Milić elementary school, where they planted trees and decorative plants, and donated benches and other outdoor furniture. This is the third school to receive this type of help from Crnogorski Telekom this year, the first two elementary schools being “21. maj” and “Štampar Makarije”. The Ministry of Education supported the initiative from the private sector that will help the community it does business in, and build a partnership with it: Today’s activity should help us realize that even baby steps and things we can all do daily can make us better people and change the society. That is the key message we should give to our children - Milica Lekić, the Ministry’s Public Relations advisor said. The elementary school’s Principal, Biljana Ćulafić, added that they are happy that the schoolyard will look nicer, but also that it will hopefully raise awareness on ecological issues in the community.

Corporate Volunteer Club of Telekom was founded with the purpose of advancing volunteering and charitable activities of the employees of Crnogorski Telekom and to promote the principles of sustainable and socially responsible business in the company and outside of it. The campaign is a part of a wider initiative to lower carbon dioxide emission and preserve the environment, that is a part of company’s strategy, which includes handling electronic waste, recycling and using renewable resources.