12th of October was a busy day for local Red Cross organizations in Croatia: although the Red Cross collects and raises funds year-round, the day was important because of its scale. Their biggest annual campaign, Solidarity in action, celebrated its 45th jubilee this year, and called for all the good-willed people to help their fellow citizens. The campaign raised funds through bank account payments and donation coupons worth EUR 0.15 and EUR 0.60 (HRK 1 and HRK 5), and the material goods (clothes, shoes, food and hygiene items) were collected in the local Red Cross centers and Kaufland stores, which placed baskets for collecting food items in their supermarkets in almost 30 towns in Croatia.

This year, the campaign was supported by the captain of the Croatian Water Polo representation, Ivica Tucak, who invited everyone to help out as much as they can in an online campaign, videos and other media. This campaign is great also because the local Red Cross societies can make an impact on local causes and also support the national Red Cross organization with a share of the raised funds. For example, the local organization from Koprivnica has decided to use the funds to buy sports shoes for schoolchildren in need from the town of Koprivnica and 11 municipalities covered by their Red Cross branch, and give 10% of the funds to the national Red Cross solidarity fund.