These kinds of project, however simple they seem, are very important for the community. By making philanthropy easier for its citizens, towns and municipalities can make sure that such reasons as inconvenience are not the obstacle to doing good any more, and also that they are making philanthropy a visible part of the community. In the busiest streets of the Albanian capital city, now there are special baskets where people can leave clothing and textile items they want to donate.

Citizens can now donate shoes, clothes, sheets, blankets, bags, etc. After they are deposited in the baskets, the materials will be sifted through, and the items that are in good condition will be donated, while the ones that are not in great shape will undergo the recycling process.

The Municipality of Tirana has undertaken a number of important initiatives for protecting the environment, starting with the pilot project for waste separation at its source, to the agreement with supermarkets and bakeries to raise the public awareness for the preservation of the environment and try to reduce the use of plastic bags.