A Small PR Agency from Belgrade Organizes a Free Parenting Festival with Numerous Volunteer Speakers

Kovačić and Spaić Agency, from Belgrade, Serbia, chose to support and fund a two-day festival dedicated to all parents, those who want to become parents and professionals from the field. The event will take place at KC Grad in Belgrade, on 16th and 17th of September and will host multiple workshops, discussion panels and useful lectures.

Source: http://www.b92.net


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Prisoners Collect Funds and Buy Supplies for Children in Need at the Start of School Year

Inmates from Penitentiary Correctional Institution in Niš, Serbia, have been setting aside money from their earnings in order to help the children in need who are starting school this year. As a result, 160 children from Niš got bags filled with notebooks, stationery, and art supplies, in order to begin their education with a smile.

Source: https://www.juznevesti.com


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Altruist Drivers Offer Their Services to Families in Need on Facebook

Source: http://www.novosti.rs


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